Abba’s Family, a 501(c)3 status non-profit organization, builds “Bridges of Connectivity”–– Relationship Bridges of Service that Transform Tulsans living in poverty, faith communities and neighborhoods.


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Building Bridges of Connectivity

The White City Neighborhood Association/Yale Apartments/Abba’s Family Food Drive went into overdrive towards the end of this week. It all was brought to completion Friday afternoon when Glen and his crew delivered the food, supplies and neighborly good will, hope and encouragement to our WC neighbors. As you can see, Richard, John, Glen, Billy, Jason, Scott, Reuben and others packed up the truck. It was very full.

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See Photos

In addition to canned and dry goods, several frozen items, including a frozen turkey (the neighbors who donated the turkey twice worked hard to get it to us) , several very large roles of hamburger. Fresh garden greens, household cleaning products and paper products were given. THREE TEDDY BEARS (made by an anonymous resident of another Mental Health Association housing property close by) AND GIFTS FOR THE CHILDREN also were given.

Because of the challenging schedule of everyone involved, there were those who were very active in this effort who could not make the delivery time on Friday. This included Father Georges Jauloff at St. Luke’s Episcopal, Holli Kowalski, Joyce Buckner and Jeff Wheeler of the WCNA. Several of the Yale residents and  housing staff who gave very generously were also not able to make it. Connally Perry was out of town.

This was a neighborhood event. All but one  involved either lives, works, or worships in the neighborhood. Thank you Holli and the WCNA, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, Yale Apartments housing staff and clergy in the neighborhood. Most of all, thank you Glen and all the Yale residents who gave and worked so hard to bless a family of friends in the neighborhood. Betty Conn and Glen Baily Co-chaired the committee. They are very humble about this. Betty has been under the weather and would have been in every picture (Innocent) had she been able to join us.

Please remember a few years back when the “struggle” over the construction of the Yale Apartments hit many hard? A majority of those who went through this painful process continue to be involved in a direct or indirect way. Each of you have continued on through the healing. This is another great example of what happens in Tulsa when many come together to help a few and everyone wins. The true human caring demonstrated in this neighborhood event was a testimony to what can happen in  other Tulsa neighborhoods.


Betty Conn, Volunteer Coordinator of the Yale Apartments Housing Faith Alliance and resident, was awarded the Abba’s Family Gratitude Award at the Community Prayer Event held at St. Johns’ Episcopalian Church Monday evening, May 14. Betty proudly displays the handmade Abba’s Family Quilt given to her. Betty organizes efforts to dispense quilts to the Yale residents made by members of Belview Baptist Church during the Christmas holidays. She also sees to it that quilts made by a White City Neighborhood resident are included in the “Welcome To The Neighborhood” baskets provided by the Assistance League and given to Yale residents by neighborhood clergy.